Nifty Marches Ahead to Reclaim 50-DMA; All Sectoral Indices Close in the Green

Nifty, after a gap-up opening, kept the bullish momentum intact throughout the day. The index formed higher highs in the hourly chart and closed the upward trending session holding solid gains. In the process, Nifty moved closer to its 50-DMA and is just short of 0.7% to reclaim it. Last Tuesday, we moved the market [...]

5 Ways to Eliminate Your Student Loan Debt Today

Student loan borrowers have grown in the last few years. At the last count, there were millions of Americans with private student loans. There’s little to no relief in sight for many of them, though. While the U.S. Department of Education has already said that people with federally held student loans don’t need to resume [...]

Can I Pay Less Customs Duty and VAT if I Import Capital Goods in the UK

Yes, you can. You can claim relief from customs duty and VAT if you will be importing goods in the UK. Capital goods So what are capital goods? Capital goods are part of your business operations. These goods are used by your business to produce other goods that are up for sale. Capital goods are [...]

Strategy Consulting – 3 Maximum Ways to Excel in Consulting

Strategy consulting refers to the service being offered by management consultants who have the skills and expertise in implementing business strategies. They are hired by organizations to get help in making big decisions. Strategy consultants will help their clients in making well-informed decisions when it comes to their infrastructure, expansion, or when acquiring new businesses. [...]

Management Consultant – Understanding the Role and Responsibilities of a Consultant For Management

If you want to start a career in management consulting, it would work to your advantage if you know your roles and your responsibilities. Read on and find out! – Conducting analysis and research. – Data collection. – Conducting interviews with clients, their employees, and their management team. – Facilitating workshops and assisting focus groups. [...]

Marketing Consultants – The Latest 3 Big Secrets to Find the Best Marketing Consultants Online

If you are one of those business owners who could use a hand to make your marketing strategies more effective, you may consider hiring marketing consultants who can surely help you out. Here’s how you can find the best ones in the online arena: 1. Do your research. Enter the key phrase “marketing consultant” on [...]

High End Consulting – Proven Secrets to Jumpstart Your High Ticket Consulting

If you are reading this article, I am pretty sure that you are seriously thinking about starting a career in high end consulting. First, let me tell you that this could be the biggest and wisest decision that you can ever make to reach your financial freedom as you can possibly make thousands of dollars [...]

How Much Am I Worth? What to Charge Your Coaching Or Consulting Clients

It would be considered by most ‘natural’ that a professional should aim to price their services at a ‘fair’ price; perhaps a little like Goldilocks not too high, not too low. The truth is that who you ask for advice in this area could determine the answer to the question. Do I need to discount [...]

Maxi Summer Dresses to enjoy the breeze

Women’s Swimwear Cover Ups, Maxi Summer Dresses Feminine looks are guaranteed if you are wearing the Maxi Summer Dresses for any occasion whatsoever. At the same time,Guest Posting there is sufficient protection from the radiation. Simply put, one of the versatile dressing options that the mankind has ever designed so far, throughout different eras, would [...]

What services does a GP practice provide?

A general practice in Australia provides a range of primary care services to the local community. This includes everything from general health checks and vaccinations to treatment for minor illnesses and injuries. Most GP practices also offer a number of specialist services, such as family planning or maternity care. If you need medical attention and [...]